MariEL Reiki Class

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MariEL Reiki Class

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MariEL is an energy therapy similar to Reiki.   It involves light hand placements on the fully clothed body of the client with the goal of balancing and facilitating energy flow.  MariEL was introduced in 1983 by its creator, Ethel Lombardi, an international healer/teacher and Reiki Master.  MariEl was one of the very first energy systems to evolve after the introduction of Usui Reiki in America.  MariEL, or more fully the MariEL Healing System Reiki, is a healing energy system that is said to draw its powers from the Mother Mary, commonly known as Mary the mother of Christ.

The energy system is predicated on the belief that each of the body’s cells possess a memory and that these cells and the memory therein can be released by proper manipulation or channeling, thus effecting a catharsis of the bad memories and traumas that are apt to linger and have harmful physical and psychological effects.   MariEl healing helps to release those memories and energies.  

This heart-centered healing technique is grounded in the essence of the Divine Feminine and was brought into existence in an effort to balance the patriarchal energy dominating the Earth.  One particularly powerful component of a MariEL session is its participatory nature.  An exercise called “pull-out” encourages client and practitioner to work together so the client can actively take part in identifying and releasing patterns which no longer support well being.

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With your course fee, you will receive a full-color manual and personal instruction via Skype from Sue or from another EBI certified instructor.


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