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Mikao Usui, Founder

Mikao Usui, Founder

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Karuna Reiki

Karuna is a Sanskrit word which can be translated to mean “any action taken to diminish the suffering of others” or “compassionate action”. Most students find this system much more powerful than Usui Reiki and the symbols easy to learn. The base for Karuna Reiki® is Tibetan Reiki and Usui Reiki. Fourteen symbols are learned to connect with 14 specific divine qualities.

During a Karuna Reiki® session you may lie down on a massage table or sit or stand. Your Karuna Practitioner will work gently to draw symbols in your aura that draw to you the frequencies that will be most helpful for releasing “spiritual” diseases that affect our emotions, our minds, and our bodies.

A few examples of what Karuna techniques facilitate are: soul level healing, focus and grounding, ancestors and future, delusion/denial/resistance, blending of the physical with the spiritual. This course includes the origins of Karuna Reiki® , activating the symbols, hands-on practical work on self and other to heal the shadow self, work more closely with Guides and Ascended Masters, and healing with sound by chanting and toning.

Practitioner I - (4 symbols) Learn to help heal karmic issues, cellular memory, relationships, break up negative patterns in the unconscious, develop good habits, grief, anxiety, clear rooms of negative energies.

Practitioner II - (4 symbols) Develop stronger links with the Higher Self, improve learning abilities, creativity and communication skills, ability to prioritize, help heal co-dependent and addictive behaviors, heal the earth.

REGISTERED Master Teacher - Learn to give the attunements for Practitioner I, II & become registered through the International Center for Reiki Training