Psychic Readings

Since 1980, Sue has provided individuals with practical information about life purpose, family, relationships, work, values and more. Voted a "Top 100 Psychics in America" by her peers, Sue Burton Hidalgo is the real deal. 

                   Evolve into a life you love!

                   Evolve into a life you love!

The purpose of a reading is to empower you to make your own decisions wisely, based upon information presented in a positive manner. Usually six months up to three years of probabilities will be discussed. Sue connects with your Higher Self to tap into universal symbols and feelings in your consciousness and the feelings, drives, and needs of those people around you. You can make a list of questions, but Sue usually answers them all without you asking.

By appointment only, via phone or in person. Lead time to get an appointment, 2 weeks. For entertainment purposes only, no minors.

30 minutes $75

60 minutes $150