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Energy Healer Certification

Energetic Healer certification features three levels. Each level has 3 modules with one module being taught each month. The monthly module training includes 1 private session a month with Sue, as well as the class/lecture time.

2019 Dates to be announced, contact us to be directly notified.

Time: 10am – 5pm

Level One

  • Module 1

    • Structure of the Field: Pre-incarnation, Post-incarnation and Physical Embodiment

    • Structure of Chakras in Detail

  • Module 2

    • The Energy Body as Cosmic Elements - Polarity Basics

  • Module 3

    • The Energy Body as Functional in the Material Plane - Meridian Balancing /Muscles & Organs

Level Two

  • Module 5

    • Portals of Reality: Quantum Methods such as Reiki, Zero Balancing, and Others

  • Module 6

    • Portals of Reality: Sound Healing: Working with Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowls.

  • Module 7

    • Portals of Reality: Shamanic Work: Working with Power Animals, Rattles, Drums

Level Three

  • Module 8

    • Portals of Reality: Essential Oils, Flower Essences

  • Module 9

    • Portals of Reality: Crystals and Gemstones

  • Module 10

    • Altogether- getting your Lifework into Real time


Choose a Payment Option -

Full Plan cost is $1575  - Save $175 by paying in full, paid in full price is $1400.

Level Payment Plan.  Pay for three modules at once - one complete level for $500. Save $75  (three levels are required for certification.) 

Module Payment Plan.  Pay for each module (9 total), in a pay as you go plan for $175.

  Payments are invoiced and due prior to attendance of next module.

   Auto-bill pay is available upon request.


Module dates are: to be announced, contact us for more direct notification

No refunds, no make-up classes, no late payments.