Chakras and the Aura Layers

How do the chakras relate to the aura layers? I’ve seen energy healers work on the aura with their hands far out from the physical body with the intent to work on the many layers of the aura - but there’s another way! Work done on the Root Chakra has a reflection in the Physical Body Aura Layer. Work done on the Sacral Chakra affects the Etheric Body Aura Layer. The Solar Plexus Chakra relates to the Emotional Body. The Heart Chakra relates to the Mental Aura Layers. The Throat Chakra connects with the Causal Body. The Third Eye connects with the Spiritual Aura Layers. The Crown Chakra relates to the Divine Aura Layer.

Try it for yourself. Reflect on an event or a person you have an emotional reaction charge around. Notice how you feel about the event/person. Now open the Solar Plexus chakra via turning the chakra energy clockwise (clock is in relation to the recipient’s body) about 3 to 5 turns. Do this by motion of your hand, imagining you are ‘opening’ a round 6 inch surface. Now pour calming energy into the Solar Plexus Chakra. Do this by remembering peaceful, calm memories. Do this for at least one minute, more if you can, until you can reflect on the person/event you had a charge around with no more static feelings. Now close the chakra by turning the chakra’s edges counterclockwise for 3 to 5 turns.