Angel Reader, Angel Healer Courses


Learn to work with angels so they touch you

AND the touch goes through into the healing recipient. It’s a REAL thing!!!


It all started when...

Jehuel, an angelic guide, appeared to Sue in 1993.  He began to prepare her to teach how to heal via making an 'angelic alliance', a connection allowing then angel to overlay it's energy onto a healer and into the healee's energy field.

Jehuel and other angels began the work with Sue to show her how to do spiritual readings and healings.  Sue wrote down the instructions and began the practices, grounding them into this plane of reality.  

Now our School for Human Evolution has a two-part Angelic Alliance training:  Angelic Readings & Angelic Healing.  Angelic Healer can be taken as an online course.  Angel Reader is an in-person supervised course.


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